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SuuAnda [私を殺した私心]
10 June
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Hiyaaaah!! :D Sooo.. I'm SuuAnda, french girl of nearly 20 years old, fond of Jrock and Japanese culture. I love anime and manga too. I want to leave France to work in Japan (Tokyo or Osaka, because I love their way of life, but I've never been there after all..) What do I love? Dir en grey first of all. No matter what they do, I'll look up to them forever :p I like to say I love them all as much, but really, Kyo's my true-love ^^..And if you can't understand why, I won't try to explain it to you!I also like other bands, such as カリ=ガリ (Cali=Gari :P) , ムック , 陽炎 , メリー (known as 'merry' too), りっぼん , Malice Mizer, +D'espairsRay+ , etc...
Ah, I also listen to US music (sometimes ^^), like System of a Down, or Murderdolls (yeah! go Wednesday13 !!), and Rasputina. I like k-pop too (Dj-Doc, ShinHwa and Moon HeeJun), and various Japanese music.
Except music, I love everything that is Asian, anyway. I'm a super Stargate SG-1 fan ^_^, and Smallville too. Go JackDaniels and Clex !!
I'm a fashion design student, and I'll have my exams soon :( ...
I love stupid jokes and crazy stuff. (yeah, I look like Narutoくん a lot if you look close enough XD) I look like a punk too. I worship yaoi and slash, wear scotish prints clothes, safety pins, badge buttons, army colours..
I strongly believe in alien life.. Like goa'ulds and supaa-saiyan XD
And well... what more can I say?... I such at self-descriptions XDDD
Ah, yeah.. I love red, black and pink a lot :/
I want a Japanese baby with big chocolate eyes! someone give me one!!
お願い します !!
HUm...That's all.. I think that was boring enough!! *looks at everyone who have fallen asleep on their computer boards... ャ.ャ *

~~THIS was a message by ... ~SuuAnda, SweEt MadNesS RaspBerRy Miss Girl very fond of Child~

My favourite lyrics and song ! *cries* (also, Aint Afraid to Die is also my
favourite song XD)


声を出して叫んだ 貴方の名前
きっと届かないわね 私の声さえも
でもね 今はそれでも私はいいの
何時か 心の中で貴方を

夢を今夜も見るわ 貴方の夢を
枕の下に置いた 貴方の手紙のせい
夢は残酷すぎて 息が途切れ
何時も午前4時半 苦しく目が覚めるわ


貴方の指輪 握り締める程に

耳を塞いでた 貴方の声を
手首の傷跡 又1つ増えて
傷に溶け込んでいく 貴方

私は壊れる 手紙燃やし 灰になる
私は壊れる 心壊し 灰になる
私は壊れる 貴方を無くし 愛してる

lyrics by 京
music by 薫

Now who says Kaoru is not the guitar god?? Uh? I want to become
as good as he is!!

::My currents obsessions::

::My currents obsessions::

* Naruto
* Hikaru no Go
* Kyo's mouth
* Kyo's chest
* Kyo's eyes
* Badges
* finding clothes with '5' on them
* learning to play Go
* To pass my damn exams
* To go to Kyo's place Japan
* Singing silly songs like a real freak
* The CLex
* ...and JackDaniels
* DxK
* Is Shinya really manly now??
* to loose weight for Hell's sake
* Asian Drama
* To marry Kyo (which is my everysday obsession)
* Being androgynous
* etc ...


I love safety pins

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