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15 July 2005 @ 05:07 pm
jrock mags on ebay  
Hello people!

I thought I'd put a link to some mags I've put on ebay. The bids are almost finished. So if you're interested, take a look please :)

Fruige with Malice Mizer cover

NewsMaker with L'arc-en-ciel cover

What's in Pictural with Luna Sea cover

PopBeat with SexMachineguns cover

Thanks for reading. Oh btw, is there a lj com for the purpose of posting selling ads? :/ I haven't found one.
(Deleted comment)
SuuAnda: Dexterkillmelover on April 9th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Ce n'est pas mon layout définitif, c'est celui sur lequel je travaille pour mon journal killmelover, mais il est loin d'être terminé. Je n'update plus suuanda, j'écris uniquement sur killmelover. Je pensais que tu le savais..

Tu fais quoi pendant les vacs ?