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28 June 2005 @ 01:05 am
HP test  
It's all juuuun's fault anyway!

A Random Harry Potter Survey!
Age when you first read Harry Potterdon't remember
Favorite Bookazkaban
Favorite Character(s)Snape, Harry, the twins, Neville, Pansy
Favorite Proffesor(s)Snape, Lupin
Favorite HouseSlytherin
Favorite Quidditch Teambuahahah
Favorite CoupleSnape/Harry or Sirius/Snape
Favorite Magical Animalboggart
Favorite Magical PlaceHogwarts duh
Favorite Weasleythe twins or Ron
Favorite PetTrevor the toad :)
Favorite Order Memberwell, Snape
Favorite ClassPotions :D
Favorite Wizarding Snackno idead, it's not like I've ever tasted any!
Favorite Gryffindor StudentHarry
Draco or Harry?Harry
H/Hr or R/Hr?R/Hr!!!!!
Snape or Lupin?Snape
Crookshanks or Scabbers?>.<
Hedwig or Pig?Hedwig
Harry or Ron?Harry
Crabbe or Goyle?LOOOL
Canon/Fanon Draco?fanon Draco, but depends on *which* fanon Draco
Canon/Fanon Snape?just Snape. He's perfect everyway =)
D/Hr or D/G?D/G if I had to pick one...
H/D or H/SS?H/SS
Your OTP?Snarry
Favorite SlytherinSnape aside, I'd say Pansy.
Cho - annoying or not?annoying is her midname
Do you write Fanfiction?if you'd call that fanfiction XD
Do you read Fanfition?me? XD
Favorite Fanfiction?you got something to do the next 2 days? the list is long.
Canon or Fanon?what would be fanon without canon? stupid question
One shot or Novel length?Novel, definitely
Fluff or Angst?angst rocks Dumbledore' socks
Darkfic?if it's good
Very Powerful Harry?if it's well written
Very Sexy Draco?Draco is a slytherin afterall.
Gen, Het, or Slash?slash
Fanfiction Petpeeves?s....what was that again?
Did you Cry when Cedric Died?*bursts out laughing*
Did you cry when Sirius Died?hey give me that rock will you?better make sure he stays dead. :/ uhuh just kidding
All time favorite partthe shack's Snape/Remus/Sirius conversation :), and Snape's worst memory
Were you mad about the whole H/C mistake?mad? MAD? *dies laughing*
Do you like Viktor Krum?yes, interesting character :)
Do you like Cho Chang?depends. I'm sure she would taste quite good if cooked on a grill..
Do you like Fluer?don't know any Fluer. Fleur on the other hand, she's interesting.
Do you like Cedric?who cares? he's dead anyway :P
What did you think of the Prophecy?I think I'm quite fed up with this couple of bunnies fucking on the opposite building with their windows opened. som much noise!!>.< stop crying out you bitch!
Which characters need more development?Snape, Lupin, the Malfoys, Neville
Did Harry pass his O.W.Ls in Potions?I guess he did.
Will Harry die or survive at the end of book 7?I'd say he will
Do you like the Marauders?yep. well.. minus James and Peter. and Sirius. I mean I quit elike Remus :P
Light side or dark side?there's a middle in everything.
Who do you think is the HBP?the new DADA teacher :/
Who do you think will die in HBP?Lupin :< and maybe one of the Weasleys
Who do you think Harry's new "love interest" is in HBP?SNAPE! argh.. no, that's merely wishful thinking. I guess it'll be Luna, or Ginny >.<
What do you think will be the "something huge" revealed about Lily Potter?She went out with Lupin *or* Snape.Or both. Maybe she was a nympho...
Are you a Luna fan?not *fan* but I like her.
Favorite Marauder?Sn-- ah. no I mean Remus ^^;
Is Harry going to be back on the quidditch team?buahah, of coursehe will.
How well do you think Harry will cope with Sirius's death in HBP?as well as he ever does. meaning, quite good.
Do you think Harry will be even more angry in HBP than in OotP?well, I hope he is. just, please let it be at somebody else than Snape!
Will Ron or Hermione die in either of the next 2 books?nope. they WON'T! got that?!!!
How do you think Ron and Hermione will react when they find out about the prophecy?Hermione will say "oh, Harry!", and Ron will say "that's bad,Mate" or some othe rkind of usuless thing. XD
Harry Potter Movies
Do you like the movies as much as the books?nope
Hottest HP actor?Alan Rickman!!
Do you think Emma Watson is too girly for Hermione?I think she's just just a lot more annoying :/
What do you think of Ruperts long hair in GoF?He's always pretty :)
Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?Rupert 365 days of the year, thank you very much.
Chris Columbus or Alfonso?Alfonso, my love!<3
Was the warewolf too bald?XD he was horribly dubbed is all I'll say.
What scene did they leave out in the movie you wish they hadn't?the f***ing marauder's map explanation damnit
Favorite movie moment?Snape moments. and all these Sirius and Harry moments. *LOVE*
Least favorite movie moment?er... the basilisk fight >.<
Favorite character in movie?Snape
Favorite Movie?3rd
Was that how you imagined the basalisk?ahahahah
Do you wish Richard Harris could still play Dumbledore?what kind of dumb question is that? No I don't. Michael Gambon does a different but perfect Albus.
Do you think Snape is sexy?yeeesss :D
Do you wish you looked like Emma Watson?No I wish I looked more like the other Emma, Emma Thompson.
And for the lst question, how has Harry Potter changed your life?I spend a lot more time reading fics since I've got into the fandom :/